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ICSE Class 10 Total Geography for 2021 (Latest Syllabus)

Total Geography -10 is a textbook of geography for the candidates taking the ICSE examination. The book is written according to the new syllabus in Geography prescribed by the Council. Furthermore, the questioning pattern followed is as per the latest Specimen Paper issued by the Council. The book provides total coverage of each point of the syllabus on which the examination Paper will be set. The course content, as per the syllabus is given at the head of each br>Chapter extra material given in this book is not for detailed study but for General information only. In the ICSE examination, A few questions will be based on application and thinking skills. This textbook gives examples of such questions to enable the students to answer questions on such skills as recall, application, inference and judgement. Irrelevant matter and repetition is avoided in order not to confuse students. All the exercises given at the end of the chapters are revised and the material from the past question papers has been incorporated. It is hoped that all students who go through the book diligently will be able to answer with full confidence any question set for the ICSE examination. All suggestions for the improvement of this book will be gratefully acknowledged.

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